Moving to Monterey Park?

Monterey Park‘s Pride; Incorporated on May 29 1916, in the Past, many city measures and ordinances tried to pass to block Asian immigrants from establishing real estate or to only display English signs. An act that would only promote discrimination, prejudice and prevent the growth of a city by revenues thus affecting the federal government to operate efficiently.

Faith in the Future, from the first property sold in 1860 it would only lead to a cost of high living domino effect for new buyers and sellers with valued confidence in the housing market today.

The arrival of the Spaniards brought Old World diseases that killed off many of the Tongva Native-Americans. By 1870 very few of them had survived almost to the brink of extinction.

Did you know?
Montebello was a large piece of land belonging to Monterey Park that broke away to form it’s own incoporation in October 16, 1920.

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