Moving to Temple City?

Temple City – Walter P Temple, a land developer, purchased 285 acres of land on May 30, 1923 and founded the town of Temple. Four year after its one year celebration, Temple City became officially designated in 1924. The City of Temple City received its incorporation on May 25, 1960. Today, in present times, you may seldom find histories of its missions and ranches that are quickly redeveloped by new residents into the area. Temple City is a rather small city town and will forever remain that way. There are not much attractions to see here, but it is commercially booming along Las Tunas Drive known for its isle of wedding shops and boutiques. Medium priced homes, classic or modern, you will not find another small city town like it.

Temple envisioned building a community where average people could afford to live and own their homes. He then divided the area into lots and laid out the park facing Las Tunas Drive. He named other streets after friends and family: Workman, Kauffman, Temple and Agnes.

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